High Quality Sofas from $1399

//High Quality Sofas from $1399
  • Blake Sofa
  • Kira Sofa
  • Barton Sofa
  • Horizon Sofa
  • Brant Sofa
  • Amsterdam Settee

High Quality Sofas from $1399

All American Made upholstery furniture
Lifetime Warranties as per the manufacturer

Frame styles
– We have chosen several different frames from our American made manufacturers to be part of our in-house promotion

Over 100 fabrics
– We have chosen fabrics from each manufacturer that are not only stylish and beautiful, but durable

Over 15 finishes
– All the standard finishes from each manufacturer are available on our in-house promotion sofas

Standard with Qualux® & Qualux Ultra Foam seat cushions
 – The highest resiliency & the most dense foam in the industry

Throw pillows
– Each sofa comes standard with 2 throw pillows in the same fabric as the sofa for this promotion.
– For $30.00 more you can choose a complimentary fabric of your choice from the appropriate manufacturers fabric walls to be put on your throw pillows.

Sofas for every style
– Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, or Modern styles will be represented within these sofa frames.
– Tight back, Attached Back, or Loose Back styles available. Check the frame style to see what style back is offered and if others are available.
– We have chosen a variety of styles so that within the 15 frames offered for our in-house promotion, we can offer you styles that will fit your styles and choices.

Size options
Standard sofa lengths, or shorter Condo size sofas are available for some styles
– The sizes are dictated by the style of the frame that is chosen.
– Love seats are also available for most styles offered on our in-house promotion

We offer high quality America made sofas at a great price here for you.

Stop in today and let us help you with your selection(s)
Choose the frame, the fabric, the leg finish, and the pillows
Come take advantage of our In-House Promotion

See you soon!