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Brighton Custom Series


This variation of the Brighton custom series features a 2 piece sectional with a box straight-track arm, double needle top stitching, both optional bench seat cushion and 40 1/2″ wide cushions at 24″ deep on the seat, resting upon 5″ square tapered legs. The Brisa UltraFabric/UltraLeather material shown has many benefits including:

  • Family & pet friendly
  • Earth friendly – Greenguard Certified
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-allergenic
  • Promotes healthier indoor air quality
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-mildew protection
  • Easy to clean
  • Temperature control – keeps you comfortable all year round
  • Breathable material – doesn’t hold odors
  • Color fastness: 200 hours in direct sunlight
  • Great wearability – 200,000 to 400,000 double rubs*
  • Soft to the touch

The Brighton custom series is available with many options to achieve your dream sofa, including extra long, long, and midsize sofas, as well as chairs and sectional pieces

3 Seat Depths; 20-22-24″

20"deep seat
22"deep seat
24"deep seat

   4 Arm/Back styles

Box Curve, Urban Scoop
Box Straight, Sloping Track
Box Straight, Track Tee
Box Straight, Track Arm

     4 Base Options

Pyramid Foot
Square Tapered Leg
Metro Trim
Round Metal Leg

Scroll through the pictures above for more variations from this series or stop in our showroom to browse through our selection of options available

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Custom “Hampton” style Armoire


This custom designed “Hampton” style armoire sits right inside this customer’s grand entryway.

It measures approximately 52″W x 25″D x 76″H overall and features traditional crown molding, turned legs, fluting, and reverse raised panels. Behind the two doors are adjustable shelves as well as a clothes rod to hang your coats on. And if you don’t think you have enough storage already, there are 2 drawers at the bottom for small items such as hats and gloves.

Shown in Brown Maple/Dover White

Our photo gallery displays other recently delivered, custom-designed pieces in real-life settings to help visualize some of the variations of materials & finishes available, as well as keeping you up to date on what’s trending. Similar products to the cabinet above are featured on our entryway products page.

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Hallagan Furniture

“When you choose Hallagan, you not only get outstanding furniture, you receive the passion and promise of a longstanding legacy. Working hard to create the quality furniture we pride ourselves on, our team has expertly honed their skills and the tools of their trade to ensure every piece of furniture that finds its way into a customer’s home is their ideal solution”

The Hallagan Furniture Story

Hallagan Furniture has been a family owned & operated company for over 100 years. They pride themselves on not only their detailed craftsmanship, but on the people who have worked tirelessly to create ideal furniture solutions for their customers over the years.

They have been making upholstered furniture since 1899, starting in Canastota, NY. Simon Hallagan, with his partner Thompson, were finding success, and decided to move the company to Newark, NY, in 1913 to the old Mora car plant, which was out of business and lying empty. To this day, the saw dust collection ductwork in the rough mill bears the name “Canastota Couch Company”. The company did well in the years under Simon’s leadership.

While the depression was hard on everyone, the company decided to cut hours across the board in lieu of layoffs, to ensure each employee received some income. During WWII, to help the war effort, the production shifted to make sleeping bags for the Navy.

Simon’s sons, Stuart, Walt and Edwin Hallagan, took the company to the next level after the war and into the 1960’s, still focusing on special order custom upholstery for mid-to-high end living rooms. Stuart was at the helm, while Walt and Edwin played strong sales roles as they traveled throughout New York State.  The third generation of Charles and Richard Hallagan operated the company from the 1960’s to the mid 1990’s and established major territories in neighboring states by trucking upholstery deep into New England, the mid-Atlantic states and Ohio.

Today, Steve and Walt Hallagan have the privilege of leading the company in its fourth generation. “As always, our team is our most valued resource. Collectively, our employees average 15 years of experience, some with as many as 50 years in the industry. They are highly skilled workers in all departments, including, fabric cutting and sewing, wood cutting, frame building, foam and fiber cushion fabrication, CAD design and trucking. The new technology has allowed us to dramatically change our offerings. But, as always, we continue to create upholstery made personal.”

“Why do we build our furniture by hand, from the inside out? Because we believe that lasting comfort and the ideal fit have to be designed and constructed from the very beginning and at every step. We offer many choices because we believe it should be as easy as possible for you to find the sofa, sectional or chair that is perfect for you”.

To learn more about Hallagan Furniture, visit their newly updated website, www.hallaganfinefurniture.com, or stop in to our store and let us tell you more about them and their high quality products. 

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Smith Brothers Market – Fall 2017


Here are the new Smith Brothers Fall 2017 Market Introductions
– Frames & Fabrics –

  • NEW 255 Sofa at Market
  • NEW 275 Sofa at Market
  • NEW 285 Sectional at Market
  • 245 Sectional at Market
  • NEW 422 Reclining Sectional at Market
  • NEW 422 Reclining Loveseat at Market
  • NEW 248 Series at Market
  • NEW 249 Series at Market
  • NEW 249 Series at Market

Sectionals & Sofas

NEW 255 Series – Sofa
Track arm
Feather & Down cushion option
*Based on the 245 Series, but now with different arm options
(538 Wingback on right in new fabric)

NEW 275 Series – Sofa
Deco arm w/ nailheads
Feather & Down cushion option 
*Based on the 245 Series, but now with different arm options

NEW 285 Series – Sectional
Panel arm w/ nailheads
Feather & Down cushion option
*Based on the 245 Series, but now with different arm options

245 Series – Sectional 

Shown in new fabric

NEW 422 Series – Recliner & Sectional
Motorized Recliner with Tilt Headrest
*Based on the 418 Series, but now with a different arm option

NEW 422 Series – Loveseat
Motorized Recliner with Tilt Headrest
*Based on the 418 Series, but now with a different arm option

NEW 248 Series – Chair, 549 Swivel Glider, 
30″W x 36″D x 36″H, 30″W x 35″D x 35″H
*Based on the NEW 248 Series

NEW 249 Series – Sofa, Chair, Ottoman
Shown in fabric
(704 Recliner shown on the right in new fabric)

NEW 249 Series – Sofa, Chair, Ottoman
Shown in leather

  • NEW 255 Series Chair at Market
  • NEW 265 Series Chair at Market
  • NEW 275 Series Chair at Market
  • NEW 285 Series Chair at Market
  • NEW 248 Series Chair at Market
  • NEW 549 Swivel at Market

Chairs & Recliners

NEW 255 Series – Chair
40″W x 43″D x 39″H
Track Arm
Feather & Down cushion option
*Based on the 245 Series but now with different arm options

NEW 265 Series – Chair
44″W x 43″D x 39″H
Sock Arm
Feather & Down cushion option
*Based on the 245 Series but now with different arm options

NEW 275 Series – Chair
40″W x 43″D x 39″H
Deco Arm with nailheads (removable)
Feather & Down cushion option
*Based on the 245 Series but now with different arm options

NEW 285 Series – Chair
46″W x 43″D x 39″H
Panel Arm with nailheads (removable)
Feather & Down cushion option
*Based on the 245 Series but now with different arm options

NEW 248 Series – Chair
30″W x 36″D x 36″H

NEW 549 Swivel Glider
30″W x 35″D x 35″H
*Based on the NEW 248 Series

NEW 731 Recliner 
37″W x 41″D x 41″H
Available as manual & motorized standard recliners or swivel glider recliners

  • 246 Sofa at Market
  • 243 Mid Sofa at Market
  • 249 Sofa at Market
  • 366 Sectional & 505 Wingback at Market
  • 8321 Sofa, 500 Chair, 246 Chair at market
  • 374 Sofa, 713 Recliner, 514 Swivel glider at market

Current Styles In New Materials

517 Chair, 246 Sofa, 961 Chair

502 Chair, 243 Midsize Sofa 

527 Chair, 249 Sofa

366 Sectional,, 917 Ottomans, 505 Chair

500 Chair, 8231 Sofa, 243 Chair

514 Chair, 374 Sofa,954 Ottomans, 713 Recliner

To view more products by Smith Brothers visit their website or visit us in-store!

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High Quality Sofas from $1199

  • 236 Sofa
  • 344 Sofa
  • 225 Sofa
  • Blake Sofa
  • Kira Sofa
  • Barton Sofa
  • Horizon Sofa
  • Brant Sofa
  • Camden Sofa
  • Amsterdam Settee

High Quality Sofas from $1199

All American Made upholstery furniture
Lifetime Warranties as per the manufacturer

15 frame styles
– We have chosen 5 different frames from 3 of our American made manufacturers to be part of our in-house promotion

Over 100 fabrics
– We have chosen approximately 35-45 different fabrics from each manufacturer that are not only stylish and beautiful, but durable

Over 15 finishes
– All the standard finishes from each manufacturer are available on our in-house promotion sofas

Standard with Qualux® & Qualux Ultra Foam seat cushions
 – The highest resiliency & the most dense foam in the industry

Throw pillows
– Each sofa comes standard with 2 throw pillows in the same fabric as the sofa for this promotion.
– For $30.00 more you can choose a complimentary fabric of your choice from the appropriate manufacturers fabric walls to be put on your throw pillows.

Sofas for every style
– Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary, or Modern styles will be represented within these 15 different sofa frames.
– Tight back, Attached Back, or Loose Back styles available. Check the frame style to see what style back is offered and if others are available.
– We have chosen a variety of styles so that within the 15 frames offered for our in-house promotion, we can offer you styles that will fit your styles and choices.

Size options
Standard sofa lengths, or shorter Condo size sofas are available for some styles
– The sizes are dictated by the style of the frame that is chosen.
– Love seats are also available for most styles offered on our in-house promotion

We offer high quality America made sofas at a great price here for you.

Stop in today and let us help you with your selection(s)
Choose the frame, the fabric, the leg finish, and the pillows
Come take advantage of our In-House Promotion

See you soon!

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Measuring for furniture

It’s important to measure your space prior to placing an order.  Tight doorways, narrow hallways, and stairways can potentially pose a problem when delivering new furniture. To be sure that the piece will fit in—and into—your home, follow the guide below. The last thing we want to happen is that the furniture you fell in love with, won’t make it into your home.

1) Measure Your Space


Measure the openings (width & height) of both the interior & exterior doors that the furniture will have to go through. Keep in mind any railings, moldings, door knobs, etc., that would be difficult to remove


Measure the width & height of the hallways that the furniture will have to go through. Keep in mind any moldings, light fixtures, or art work that would be difficult to remove


Measure the opening (width & height) of your stairway at the beginning, middle, and end (accounting for any landings, tight turns, handrails, light fixtures, etc.)
Measure the distance from the stairs to the wall if the top or bottom of your stairway leads into a wall instead of an open space


Measure the opening (width & height) of the doorway into the elevator
Measure the interior space (width, length, & height), accounting for any railings, lights, or other items that are not removable

 *When deciding on a layout for your new furniture, keep in mind where the outlets, light switches, vents, and thermostats are in the room. Be sure not to cover these features if you will be accessing them frequently

2) Measure Your Furniture

Measure the width, height, depth, and diagonal depth. The width and height of your furniture piece should both be less than the widths and heights of the doorways and hallways in your home.

*Some of our furnishings have removable legs, feet or bases, and can be delivered through a smaller space. Please confirm with our staff which products are available.

3) Determine The Pathway

Determine what entrance your piece will come in from (front door, back patio door, garage door, etc.) and how it will get to the room

If you are unsure if an item will fit or not, one of our delivery staff would be happy to come out to measure & evaluate your space to determine if the furniture you want will make it in your home.

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