Measuring for furniture

//Measuring for furniture
It’s important to measure your space prior to placing an order.  Tight doorways, narrow hallways, and stairways can potentially pose a problem when delivering new furniture. To be sure that the piece will fit in—and into—your home, follow the guide below. The last thing we want to happen is that the furniture you fell in love with, won’t make it into your home.

1) Measure Your Space


Measure the openings (width & height) of both the interior & exterior doors that the furniture will have to go through. Keep in mind any railings, moldings, door knobs, etc., that would be difficult to remove


Measure the width & height of the hallways that the furniture will have to go through. Keep in mind any moldings, light fixtures, or art work that would be difficult to remove


Measure the opening (width & height) of your stairway at the beginning, middle, and end (accounting for any landings, tight turns, handrails, light fixtures, etc.)
Measure the distance from the stairs to the wall if the top or bottom of your stairway leads into a wall instead of an open space


Measure the opening (width & height) of the doorway into the elevator
Measure the interior space (width, length, & height), accounting for any railings, lights, or other items that are not removable

 *When deciding on a layout for your new furniture, keep in mind where the outlets, light switches, vents, and thermostats are in the room. Be sure not to cover these features if you will be accessing them frequently

2) Measure Your Furniture

Measure the width, height, depth, and diagonal depth. The width and height of your furniture piece should both be less than the widths and heights of the doorways and hallways in your home.

*Some of our furnishings have removable legs, feet or bases, and can be delivered through a smaller space. Please confirm with our staff which products are available.

3) Determine The Pathway

Determine what entrance your piece will come in from (front door, back patio door, garage door, etc.) and how it will get to the room

If you are unsure if an item will fit or not, one of our delivery staff would be happy to come out to measure & evaluate your space to determine if the furniture you want will make it in your home.