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“When you choose Hallagan, you not only get outstanding furniture, you receive the passion and promise of a longstanding legacy. Working hard to create the quality furniture we pride ourselves on, our team has expertly honed their skills and the tools of their trade to ensure every piece of furniture that finds its way into a customer’s home is their ideal solution”

The Hallagan Furniture Story

Hallagan Furniture has been a family owned & operated company for over 100 years. They pride themselves on not only their detailed craftsmanship, but on the people who have worked tirelessly to create ideal furniture solutions for their customers over the years.

They have been making upholstered furniture since 1899, starting in Canastota, NY. Simon Hallagan, with his partner Thompson, were finding success, and decided to move the company to Newark, NY, in 1913 to the old Mora car plant, which was out of business and lying empty. To this day, the saw dust collection ductwork in the rough mill bears the name “Canastota Couch Company”. The company did well in the years under Simon’s leadership.

While the depression was hard on everyone, the company decided to cut hours across the board in lieu of layoffs, to ensure each employee received some income. During WWII, to help the war effort, the production shifted to make sleeping bags for the Navy.

Simon’s sons, Stuart, Walt and Edwin Hallagan, took the company to the next level after the war and into the 1960’s, still focusing on special order custom upholstery for mid-to-high end living rooms. Stuart was at the helm, while Walt and Edwin played strong sales roles as they traveled throughout New York State.  The third generation of Charles and Richard Hallagan operated the company from the 1960’s to the mid 1990’s and established major territories in neighboring states by trucking upholstery deep into New England, the mid-Atlantic states and Ohio.

Today, Steve and Walt Hallagan have the privilege of leading the company in its fourth generation. “As always, our team is our most valued resource. Collectively, our employees average 15 years of experience, some with as many as 50 years in the industry. They are highly skilled workers in all departments, including, fabric cutting and sewing, wood cutting, frame building, foam and fiber cushion fabrication, CAD design and trucking. The new technology has allowed us to dramatically change our offerings. But, as always, we continue to create upholstery made personal.”

“Why do we build our furniture by hand, from the inside out? Because we believe that lasting comfort and the ideal fit have to be designed and constructed from the very beginning and at every step. We offer many choices because we believe it should be as easy as possible for you to find the sofa, sectional or chair that is perfect for you”.

To learn more about Hallagan Furniture, visit their newly updated website, www.hallaganfinefurniture.com, or stop in to our store and let us tell you more about them and their high quality products.