NEW Styles – Spring 2020

//NEW Styles – Spring 2020

Although our trip to the Smith Brothers Spring market in Fort Wayne was cancelled due to the Corona Virus, we were so ecstatic to see that Smith Brothers proceeded in revealing the new frame styles & materials they had planned! Swipe through & click each picture to learn more!

Smith Brothers Factory – Spring 2020 Introductions

266/267 Collection | 270 Collection | 271 Collection
393 Large Sofa | 880 Series Ottoman |
546/547 Wingback Chair
563 Swivel/Glider | 763 Motorized Headrest Recliner

  • The 266 is crisply tailored with a high arm that lends itself to something in between formal and casual. Dress it in a lush fabric with a little glitz to it and it will be the star of your living room. Or cover it in a family friendly linen look and it will be the most welcoming spot in front of the TV. A pair of rectangular side pillows with boxing come standard with the fabric sofa. The 267 is identical in styling, but is loose pillow backed for another option. Available as a sofa, chair 1/2 & ottoman 1/2, standard chair & ottoman.
  • The soft, relaxed look of the backs on the 270 style, begs you to sit down. It is uniquely comfortable as it features more height than any other sofa back in the line. The wings and arms add architecture to the piece, holding the soft interior in place visually. The nailhead creates a bold outline, further accentuating the structure of the piece. Available as a chair, chair, and ottoman.
  • The simplest forms are so often the most beautiful. The features of the 271 are smooth and precise. The pullover backs and carefully tailored arms are so simple, but so fresh. Even the nailhead trim in its clean line along the base is just the right amount. Nothing overstated. As always, function does not follow form here. It sits as well as other pullover backs in the line! Available as a chair, chair, and ottoman.
  • Introducing the 393 Large sofa option. The 393 is a tried and true staple in the line. Now they have the addition of a 96″ long, 3-cushion version!
    Nothing says contemporary like clean lines and simple shapes. The 880 series of ottomans perfectly complements so many styles and so many fabrics. This new, rectangular addition broadens the application possibilities even more. Try a bold pattern or a subtle texture.
  • Traditional wing chairs are a staple in the industry, and at Smith Brothers. The 546 offers a smooth pullover back that measures 44″ tall, and the 547 offer a button-tufted pull over back that measures 46″ tall. While the styling may not be surprising, their height is breaking barriers. Great news for tall people!
  • Taking it’s styling from the 263, the most popular style out of the Fall 2019 market, the 563 offers all of the look along with the functionality of their swivel/swivel gliders.
  • Continuing on with the styling of the 263, they introduced a recliner version. The 763 features the same great modified English arm but adds the functionality of a motorized headrest recliner.

Smith Brothers Spring 2020 Fabrics[Click to download 136mb pdf document]